My name is Ami. I am a 26 (almost 27) year old, Mom of 3 and wife to Nick. I have been blogging about my health journey for about 5 years now! I have come to WordPress with the blog for many reasons, but mainly because it seems like I get to engage with more people! I love comments and talking and learning from others.

I also write another blog called The Common Sense Cook (acommonsensecook.wordpress.com) that is a blog of all the recipes I make up or have tried. They are usually all paleo friendly and soon I’ll be trying to add some AIP Friendly recipes.

Here on “The Journey Page” as I often refer to it as, I write about opinions, experiences, and just about anything. I may discuss controversial topics, or just what I’m going through. I like to talk about yoga, mental health, and paleo, and family/life balance.

I am not a professional in any way. This is basically my common sense philosophies. Anything I recommend, I’ve done. I am in no way perfect and still have much to learn. I just hope to share with you guys, and do some good ole writing therapy to help me through this journey I call life.

I originally started Journey on the Final Countdown as a rebellion on waiting till Monday to make a change. We can make change, right now, by making a choice.

Feel free to follow me all over the place:

instagram: thecommonsensecook (Because I mainly instgram my food…but plenty of other stuff too.)
twitter: @AmiLeePhotos

Thank you for taking time to check out my blog. I wish you peace and love. ❤

-Ami M. Lee, Walking along the Journey on the Final Countdown


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