I’d Rather Be Strong

Fit Camp Week 2 Monday

Oh the journey I’ve been on lately. I believe I’m 7 weeks into my Fit Camp experience and while I may have lost a couple pounds I have decided…I’d rather be strong.

It’s taken me years to actually believe this and it wasn’t an easy conclusion. It’s not something I said once…It’s something I’ve had to repeat a thousand times. I had to realize that I may not ever get the opportunity to be thin while dealing with the health issues that I do. I have years to go before it may even be remotely possible to lose weight, let alone be thin. But, what I can do now, is get strong.

Stacy Toth is one of my favorite Paleo Bloggers. She does Strong (Wo)Man and competes. She lifts heavy things and is an awesome mom to three boys and has a great husband. I look at her and wonder, if that could be me one day. I’m sure, by her writing, that she also didn’t just decide that she would rather be strong in one moment. It was a culmination of moments. It was a process and it took time and now she can own it and help people like me realize…I may not be a skinny runner….Ever…Even though..I do love running and hope to get to that point some day.

I went into Fit Camp trying to be humble. Open and honest with my coaches/neighbors. I told them, I have health issues that aren’t under control and I doubt I will lose a pound. I just want to work out with others, make friends, and have fun. And…I seriously need to find some people to play Ultimate Frisbee with me again because that was so fun!

So going week by week…Having my moments where I wish I just gave up. Dealing with the soreness. Adding magnesium to combat that. Tweaking my diet. Learning more. Thinking. Reading. Contemplating… I was sitting here…

My kids are about to start school and we all know little kids can be cruel. I went to that toxic thought mode about what if someone made fun of me to one of my kids and they came home upset because a kid said their mom is fat? And…You know I really try to avoid those negative head places. It’s not often healthy or helpful…But that’s when it chose to stick. I would tell my kiddo to just say that their mommy is worried about being strong, not skinny. That’s when I said to myself… I’d rather be strong.

Not that there is anything wrong with being skinny. This is not about fat or skinny shaming at all. I think Stacy put it best when she said that some people are meant to be runners and some people are meant to lift heavy things. And while I love running, did it a lot my last two years of high school….I have to be realistic and know where I am at. I can be strong, even if I don’t have the right chemistry to get the weight off.

I’m not giving up in any way on losing weight. I just think my focus is better served if I think less about a scale number and remember all of the other measures of health such as exercise, getting out in the sun, and eating tasty healthy food and so much more. I’m not giving up on my journey to the strongest version of myself. I would just rather be strong.

-Ami M. Lee


Feeling Like the Fat Kid

**Warning….This is venting. No one has actually been mean to me or said anything about my constant fails and weight.**

Fit Camp Week 2

So…This is Monday, week 3 of Fit Camp. My neighbors started a free camp twice a week for us to come workout. Mondays are cardio and Fridays are strength training. I absolutely love it! I’m not the fastest (in fact I’m always last on the 2 laps). I’m not the most athletic. But, I have fun. We even did Ultimate Frisbee, and that had to be my favorite. It was like fun cardio.

I had started with this schedule idea and it all got thrown off on week 2. I wasn’t eating well. Didn’t feel well. Mostly, it was due to stress from my boys being down right awful. I had been trying to journal…But, that failed too. I didn’t even really get in my yoga. However, I did work out in the yard 3 days this week in the horrendous Arkansas heat. I did make it down to the park on Friday, even though our Fit Camp leaders were out of town, and did my two laps and some yoga.

However…They remembered the scales this week. The fancy scale that can tell me more than just how much I weigh. It didn’t match my scale. My scale said I was about 283… Well….As much as I hate to admit this publicly… Theirs said 292. I had to hold back the tears. I felt so defeated.

I work so hard on my diet. Have cut so many things out… I do work at it. I know consistency is my biggest struggle…But dear lord most people drop sodas and drop 10 pounds…I haven’t had a soda since January 7th, of 2014!!!! (Over 18 months!)

So here is what I learned from this handy dandy scale…Keeping in mind, I am 27 and I’m 5 foot 10 inches tall.

weight: 292

body fat percentage: 50%

muscle mass (in pounds): 137 (Which he said was actually good.)

body fat (in pounds): 155

It also made some recommendations based on these numbers that I should be taking in 144 grams of protein, 150 ounces of water, and my calorie goal should be around 2,100. All good things to know.

But, as I walked around the loop for my laps, I was crying. I texted my husband and he told me to be strong. I stuck with it…Even though I felt like running to my car and driving up the road to my house and hiding. I was embarrassed. I work so hard at trying to lose weight. I eat really clean. More clean than anyone I know. I have discovered the foods that bother me and for the most part am successful at keeping them out of my diet.

As I was walking I couldn’t help but think….I’m the fat kid in camp. I doubt even some of the men don’t weigh as much as I do. I workout, I do yoga, and I don’t let much of anything stop me (especially my weight) from doing anything. But, I’m still the fat kid in class. I’m the biggest and the slowest.

Truthfully…It’s the first time in my life, even though I’ve been overweight most of my life, that I’ve ever felt like the fat kid. Not even in gym during high school. I could handle it. It took me 27 years to finally feel fat. I’ve been able to admit with it. Deal with it. But…I’ve never felt it.

I can only imagine the mental distress this would have caused me 10 years ago. Thankfully, I’m old enough to vent and move on and do something about it.

I guess I can say this is just one bump in the road. I have more knowledge, and that’s always a good thing. Now that I know where I’m at I can stop feeling depressed, find me a sturdy horse and get back on the wagon. My husband made an excellent point though. I do great at eating completely clean for months on end if I don’t work out. I’m also half as hungry. Then I start working out, I get so hungry and I make bad decisions that derail any progress. I’m going to have to be more mindful of this.

Thank you for anyone who read through all of my venting. Writing is a really good therapy for me that helps me get all of my thoughts out of my head. I know the people around me would never probably even think of me as the fat kid…We’re just sometimes our own worst critic. But, hopefully I’ll move on and learn from this.

To the Folks that Constantly Remind Me, I have 3 Children…

My 3 Baby Yogis

Dear neighbors, on lookers, friends, and curious strangers…

That’s right. You can count. 1…2….3… Yes! I have more than the average family. Instead of 2.1 children…I have 3. Yes…My oldest and youngest look like twins and that can be confusing…Regardless…Good observation skills that I have 3 kiddos all close together. In fact, if I had time to stop and talk to you, they could recite to you that my teeny, tiny little Madison is 5, my very tall son Rylan is 4 (and dwarfs his older sister), and that the cute little cutie patootie Mark is 3 (not Madison’s twin).

I have to thank the countless amounts of random folks who brag on my children. Grocery store checkers, random mom’s in the parking lot, or even important people like when we visit our lawyer… Yep. My kids can go important places, and 9/10 times are absolute angels. I try to return this to others. For instance, while on vacation, we were at a restaurant and a mom and dad had 2 little ones probably not much older than ours. I went over and told them I had to brag on how good their kids were. We’re sometimes not told enough what a good job we’re doing, and I just wanted to make sure they knew they had some really awesome kiddos behaving so nicely in a good restaurant. We’re always quick to pick out those bad kids throwing a fit and looking down on the parents.

But, back to our fine folks…the on lookers, other shoppers…The commenters. Dear people, I have to say that your comments about my hands being full…are unnecessary. I’m not sure how to say this any different. I was even told, what a hassle I must have. I just laughed and walked on. But, I feel the need to get this out. I have to put it out there so that maybe someone will choose their words a little bit better.

My hands are not full…My heart is. My kids are many things…but a hassle…or a burden…They are NOT. If anything, they are a lesson, or constant reminder. They are a mirror, and accountability. Are they frustrating sometimes? Sure. What child isn’t? But I like what Elliott Hulse says about 3 types of people in your life. There are mirrors, who are supposed to show you something about yourself. There are crystal balls, who show you how you could be if you keep on the same path (good or bad). Then there are angels that are simply there to teach you a lesson. Now…learning and growing and maturing is not easy. As a parent, you’re really forced into it. You have to keep on your toes. You never know what your kids are going to throw at you next (both literally and figuratively). Children, are usually always mirrors.

Truthfully…I understand your point. A lot of parents are overwhelmed these days. They lack the discipline to keep their kids in order. We work really hard and make it a point that we expect good behavior out of our children. They do occasionally have their issues. I had to walk Madison’s whiny self out of Old Navy the other day because she wouldn’t listen and hear me in a situation and continued to whine when it was inappropriate. Did she get in trouble? Yes! But, we also understood that this little girl is getting old enough to avoid her naps…but sometimes she does still need it.

I see plenty of other parents with children screaming, and running, and throwing things. However, I don’t think you’d walk up to them and tell them they had their hands full. Or that they have such a hassle.

So to our dear friends and neighbors that greet us with smiles and take the time to see what awesome kids we’ve raised, we thank you and hug you. To those of you folks who constantly want to remind me that I have 3 children to raise into good, respectable citizens…I know. I know I have 3 kids. They are not a hassle or a burden…They are a blessing and a constant life lesson. Even though I’m usually the teacher…they teach me just as much in return.

-Ami M. Lee, Mom of 3 Awesome Kids

Who Am I? Who Shall I Be?

A video from Elliott Hulse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT4O_1IiS8E) has, as usual, sparked a line of questions. Questions that have kept me up this night. Tossing and turning. I have so many things to express. I’m learning about all of these different parts that make up me. I feel like I’m constantly walking on a dirt road journey…ever traversing into a deeper version of myself.

At times I have my hippie skirt on. The older I get, the more tie-dye it becomes. I hear it runs in the family. ^__^ The older I get the more I crave compassion for others. For us to all get along. For our planet to be taken care of. To reduce my negative foot print on this world. To leave it better than I found it. It’s this part of me that connects with the peace of Buddhism and the belief that we are all interconnected.

There’s an officer inside me. A very strict and OCD person that likes things to be in order. She needs to control. Everyone must fall in line because I am the boss. I am the experienced person here. I trump you all (talking to my children) in life experience, therefore you should understand my guidance is sound. Fall in line people. Not that hard. My patience is thin and very fragile.

There’s a very angry and crazy person that is a part of me. In all reality…I think the hippie part of me is slowly healing this person. I used to be so out of control. But, in healing, I have to recognize that sometimes I am frustrated and angry. I am angry when things don’t go the way I think they should. I like to have a plan well in advanced and I like follow through. Disruption of my plans opens the door to anxiety and anger.

The artist in me feels like my soul. When I draw it’s as if my soul is taking over and it is the real communicator. The one true lesson I’ve learned. Paper will never judge you. It’s also like self-therapy. This person knows how to soothe and to let go.

I’m a mom. There’s that part of me. I didn’t always know it was there. I let some people trick me into thinking that it wasn’t…but it’s been a long to discovery. This person works hard. Cares so deeply that she is often hurt. Hurt when she feels like her efforts are in vain. Her heart is open and easily harmed, scratched and bruised. This person just wants everyone to be happy. She sacrifices all of her sanity in the hopes that one day, she’ll know she did something right.

I’m a law enforcement officer wife. It’s part of who my husband is, and now it is also a part of me. This person is always striving to show her love for her husband because in all truth, she never knows when that last moment will come. In the end, my greatest goal is to make sure he knows he is so deeply loved and cherished. This person fights for understanding and support above anything, in return for her hard work.


All of this to tell you who I am. But, the question still remains. Who shall I be? I have goals. I have dreams. So many missions and passions to fit into one life span. To create art, to make the world beautiful in as many ways as possible, to teach, and to show compassion. To love everyone above all else, and to learn.

If Elliott were to ask me…What does the ‘Strongest Version of Yourself’ look like…. It’d look like this.


I would say…I would look just like me. A multi-deminsional person. Who is always trying to be the best mom, wife, friend, family member, and tree hugger hippie she can possibly be. It would be a person that always fights. Because I feel the day I stop fighting for my kids, or for my family, or for what I believe, is the day I’ve failed myself. The day I stop struggling, and stop caring, is the day that I have lost the battle.

Because in truth, the strongest version of myself is someone I feel is already in me. It’s the happy, positive, and full of life person that is buried under the surface. Under the mess of people, I am simply Ami. It’s taken me so long to be okay with being so many people in one body and having so many passions without center.

If anything the struggles keeping me up and writing this now…Are the struggles that are the tiny shovel, the careful brushes of the archaeologist digging up that Strongest Version of myself. It’s slow and tedious work. And sometimes a storm comes through and messes up all of your hard work. But we start again. We keep fighting. And keep moving. Or as they said in the Doctor Who episode we watched tonight…KBO. Keep buggering on.

Who Shall I Be?

I envision… The best mother that my kids need me to be. A wife that is unconditionally loving and supporting. A support of my friends hopes and dreams. I want to spread love and compassion through my community. I want to expand my passion for law enforcement officers and those in and around it…And in the process maybe become a LEO myself. I imagine a Stronger Version of Myself that people can say…She worked hard and never quit. She didn’t let anything hold her back from her dreams. The Strongest Version of Myself is balanced, positive, an acknowledger of real feelings…But brilliant at dispersing and dealing with those real feelings.

And when it gets hard or people say I’ll never succeed at my crazy idea of the Strongest Version of Myself I’ll simply say…

I am. I can. I will.


AIP – The AutoImmune Protocol

I’m not sure if I’ve really mentioned it on this blog yet. But, I started the AutoImmune Protocol on January 5th. What is this you ask? You’re starting a different diet? Nope. I’m still Paleo. But, the AutoImmune Protocol (or further known as AIP) is a stricter version of Paleo that eliminates certain foods that many people are sensitive to. This includes:

  • Nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, white potatoes, and many more)
  • Nuts and Seeds (including spices from seeds such as cumin)
  • No chocolate
  • No coffee (Which isn’t hard because I gave up coffee months ago.)
  • Alcohol (But you can cook it out, in moderation.)
  • Eggs

The hardest things so far have been nuts, eggs, and chocolate. When you go Paleo, it is so easy to use nuts for everything. Almond butter, almond flour, use them in baking for better texture, and just about anything else. Most all of my treats had nuts and chocolate.

Nightshades haven’t been as hard, but I’ve had this natural aversion to tomatoes for a long while. I ate them plenty growing up, but now I can’t even stomach the thought of tomato sauce. However, they do hide in a lot of products like hot dogs, and even gluten free seasonings, and guacamole.

The first week I lost 4ish-5 pounds. I have an analog scale, so the exact measurement is difficult. However, that day I had a larabar with some nuts in it. The next morning I shot right back out of those 4 or 5 pounds. Over night! Could this be the link to why I wasn’t losing any weight, no matter how hard I worked out, stayed consistent, only drank water…etc!? I guess we’ll see in about a week if I re-lose those 4-5ish pounds.

The AIP is definitely not for the faint of heart. Most people who are on the AIP have serious health issues and this is their last hope. This isn’t the diet you adopt for a week and giggle to your girlfriends over a cocktail that you lost 2 pounds. This is not for the willy nilly, fair weather dieter. This is a learning tool. This is a health tool.

You’re not meant to stay on AIP forever. After a certain period, that can be determined by the person and be different for everyone, you can start reintroductions of these foods. Preferably, one at a time and spaced out enough to allow for reactions. It could take up to 72 hours for a reaction to occur.

AIP is to optimize what your body truly needs to heal itself. I’ve been blogging for years about all the healthy things, programs, and workouts I’ve done to try to lose weight and get healthy. And yet, I haven’t been this close to getting into the 260s since I gave birth to my youngest son. Years and years of hard work.

It’s hard because it can be socially isolating. You really can’t “cheat” (I hate referring to it as cheating…another blog, another time.) because you need to heal and keep anything you’re sensitive to out. It’s difficult to go out for supper with your loved ones. There are ways, and if you’re AIP I encourage you google articles that recommend how to eat while on an elimination diet. It takes thought, and cooperation, but it can be done.

I actually cried when I couldn’t have a mozzarella stick the other day that my husband had with his lunch. I felt sick to my stomach and I knew, eating it wouldn’t be relief. It would make things worse. Have I been perfect? No. Remember that Larabar?

And giving up Larabars after you win a huge giveaway and you have a box full in your cabinet is hard! They’re such an easy snack and AIP takes away that…Oh I’ll just grab this and eat it quickly and go on about my busy life.

I worry though…That put in the wrong hands, this diet could lead to obsessive eating. I’m constantly checking labels and reading….reading…and more reading.

I’m trying to counteract this by having my calendar. I’m writing down my reactions. Slips. Weight loss, and slips all on this calendar. I have my 60 day goal laid out. That’s just my first goal before introductions.

I wouldn’t have made it this far without support. Big shout out to my AIP Warrior friends on Facebook! These gals have been so amazing. And The Paleo Approach Community has been great at answering any of my general questions. I usually get more personal with my AIP Warrior family than I do in the Paleo Approach Community because PAC has 31,000 members! AIP Warriors is about 50. So seek out these type of groups! They’re so helpful. And, I must say, that my husband has been very supportive and kind. I can’t say enough that I couldn’t have gotten this far (9 days) without these lovely people.

Last thing, I think I’d like to ramble on about (because that’s what I feel like I’m doing) is that there are a lot of great resources out there. The Paleo Approach and Paleo Approch Cookbook are an amazing place to start to understand the “Why’s” and there are more and more blogs, recipes, and voices added to the AIP Paleo community.

I’m excited to be on this journey. Some dayy maybe I’ll be able to show before and after pictures. For now, it’s just me…healing…and feeling better. I’m amazed at the difference I’ve felt so far.

Wishing you all, peace and love. -Ami M. Lee

My Opinions on Dealing with Non-Paleo Family Members

I’ve only been paleo since March, fully committed since August. I may not be the ultimate word on paleo, but I’ve learned some stuff along the way. Here’s what I would like to share with you guys. My opinions on dealing with Non-Paleo Family members. I know that when you’re young, it’s easy just to be a rude little brat and stomp your little foot and tell your family, this is how things shall be, or else! A lot of people lose their family this way. I am a part of a Facebook Paleo group that I love very much, but I see too often, people complaining about their families.

Lord knows I would love to complain about my husband and his non-paleo ways. All. Day. Long. The chocolate milk and Red Bull in the fridge. The top pantry shelf full of his junk food. Having to rack my brain to make two meals out of one. Things would be so much easier if everyone I knew was paleo. But, one of my relatives told me a long time ago, “You have to live where you’re at.” That has always stuck with me. So here I go. My opinions.

1. You can’t expect everyone to understand Paleo, no matter how long you talk until you’re blue in the face.

You can share articles on Facebook, but you can’t make your friends and family read them. You can discuss it with family, but that doesn’t mean they understand. For instance, everyone knows my youngest is lactose intolerant…They think…He just can’t eat cheese. No people…This means he can’t drink milk products, eat yogurt, eat cheese, and this includes some “lactose free” cheese that actually have casein which he is highly reactive to as well. But, can you really expect to hand out a big pamphlet of things he can’t eat, have them take the time and headache of deciphering what he can eat, and then get it right every single time? Nope. You have to live where you’re at. And I, my friends, have a big family of non-paleos who love to stuff my kids full of food.

2. Give the ones trying some credit. Even if it isn’t perfect.

My mother in law is a great lady. She is that person that reminds me to stay kind and laugh. She is pretty much the only person who tries to comprehend what we can eat. She helps out often with Almond milk and even made some really great gluten free cookies. Now, some people feel the need to rant on about the cookies having rice flour that is not paleo. We could go on about the Almond Milk having carageenan. However, she’s trying and I’m not going to discourage her from helping because she’s doing a great job! Sometimes we focus too hard on the things that people do wrong. How about really appreciating the effort and being thankful she made gluten free cookies at all? I know I was ecstatic because I hadn’t had a cookie all Christmas till then!

And i must say, there are those people who know, and understand but just aren’t as vocal. I think my mom would be one of those people. She may not fully understand it but she respects me as their mom that I’m doing what I think is best. That’s a great thing to recognize.

Now…There are other people (remaining nameless, but will know I’m talking of them.) who just plain don’t care and will do anything to sabotage you. Literally, they just want to make you angry by shoving coke down your child’s throat, or making you look like a hypocrite for letting them eat conventionally on a holiday. Over years of fighting with these family members, I finally just gave up. Yelling and screaming doesn’t work. You get more flies with honey my friends. But, with these people, I think it’s important to make sure they know what you CAN eat. Meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, chocolate (if you’re paleo). If you have a stricter diet like AIP, GAPS, Low FODMAP and are diagnosed, you may just take time to say I have “X” and I must maintain a healthy diet or I’ll get even more sick. That will actually cause me pain. Offer up a solution such as bringing your own food to family gatherings, offering to cook yourself at your house, or spending the day cooking with them and teaching them a recipe that you can eat.

3. Paleo (or other diet restrictions) are something you chose to do.

For whatever the reason may be, you think Paleo is what you need to be doing for you and your family. Which, what can be bad about it? You’re concentrating on whole foods, one word ingredients, organic, buying local, eating the color of the rainbow (no skittles), and you may be one of those cool paleos (that I hope to be one day) that is growing your own produce, eggs, and such. But, what many of your family may see is “Paleo DIET.” Diets are usually end-able. It’s not something that you stick to for long. Then, the longer you live your paleo way, they get more frustrated wondering when you’re going to give this paleo “thing” up. But, it’s not just about what you eat. It’s really about interacting with the community, putting your hard earned money in the hands of those who care about what you feed your family, buying local, eating the whole animal, and so much more. Maybe if you’re trying to have those conversations with non-paleo family members you can bring up more than just what you’re not eating.

4. Be the change you want to see in the world.

I love this saying. It is so true. You can’t fix everyone else. You can guide, hint, show, but until you really live the change, will people be like “Hey…what’s going on with that Ami? She looks great…What is she doing?” Sometimes we have to be selfish and work on ourselves. I do that by doing yoga. https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene I love doing Yoga with Adriene. I did DDP Yoga for a while but it’s more about working out than the spiritual aspect. With Adriene, you can set intentions and visualize things already being done. Remember that hard to deal with family member? Maybe envision dealing with them gracefully and kindly. I try to keep kindness and compassion at the center of my practice. You also find your center and I know on days when I’ve gotten my yoga in, I’m more calm and seem to make better decisions. Work on you, and the rest will find it’s place. You may also consider, when having a conversation with a family member…”Is what I’m about to say helpful?” Will it cause more understanding? Will the light bulb click on? Will it at least move their hand to the light switch? If not…I’d adjust what you’re wanting to say. Be thoughtful.

5. Family is more important than Paleo.

While I hope you never have to actually make the choice between family and paleo…In the end, Family is more important than what you eat. The analogy is gross…but sometimes you just got to “Let dead dogs lay.” This doesn’t have to mean giving in and going back to the Standard American Diet and enjoying doughnuts with them every Sunday. But, maybe you find a recipe for paleo doughnuts and ask if you can bring your own and leave it at that. Be comfortable with your choice but understand, they may never be paleo. Love them anyways. Even if they’re literally being *insert your thoughts on that person here* love them anyways. I think of another saying…(I guess I’m full of sayings today. ^___^) Being angry is like a holding a hot coal in your hand with the intent of throwing it at the person you’re angry with. In the end, you’re the one that gets burned from holding onto anger. And who knows! When you finally let go, you might open up your perspective and find that family member you didn’t even know had a clue…in fact…Does have a clue! Even if it’s not the exact same idea as you…It’s progress.

And that’s it! That is the summary of all my “learnings” from the past five months of being fully committed to paleo. It’s hard to get to this place. It’s hard to deal with non-paleos…but it’s also hard to deal with Hard Core Paleos that think everyone should be paleo 1000% of the time or you’re doomed! Either way you look at it…Stay positive. Seek out the good in everyone. Praise those who really try. Keep kindness and compassion. Plus, stay open minded. That’s it. That’s all I have for now.

3 Things that Went Well – Day 3

Well it happened. A day when it was a little harder to think of those 3 things. I was getting worried as the day progressed. I ended up with a really bad headache and a really bad allergic reaction to dust…go figure. But, I did find some things in this hectic day that were good. So, without further ado, because it’s insanely too close to bed and I still have to do my bedtime yoga…Here it is!

1- Even though I had the migraine, I was able to fix supper.

All too often, this is when I slip up. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, and I just say honey…go buy something. I can’t. Well, I knew i had a whole chicken to cook and had seen Julia Child just throw one in a pot to let it cook. I looked up the recipe on YouTube and tah dah! White Wine Stewed chicken. It was actually very fun. I put a few pictures on instagram. We had mashed potatoes made with some of the fresh broth. SO delicious! Homemade chicken giblet gravy…YUMMY! along with the carrots and onions out of the broth. It was pretty amazing. It’s funny how things like that happen when you push yourself. I thoroughly amazed myself.

2- I tried out a different YouTube yoga guru.

I was going through the list trying to see which one I would do during nap time. I am really hoping to start practicing 3 times a day. A short morning routine, a more intentional practice that’s more like a workout during nap time, and bed time yoga before bed. I ended up doing a sequence with Cole from Yoga TX that was amazing! My back has felt better all day even though my head has not. It was challenging…I struggled a little, but it’s always to have room for improvement. I have the worst habit of sticking with what I know. I obsess a little bit. So branching out to different teachers and seeing what they have to offer, went well.

3 (And probably my favorite)- One of my recipes was featured on another blog!

I was going through my Facebook and happened across one of my favorite bloggers to follow. “Things My Belly Likes” She just has a fire and is funny. It’s hard to find people with your same sense of humor. Anyways…10 Best Edible Holiday Gifts and there it was! Honey Butter! At first, I was like…I knew that would be a great idea! ….Then I realized it said…The Common Sense Cook and I nearly screamed in delight! I did actually cry from being so happy. Someone out there, that I admire, liked and reposted my recipe for others to enjoy. I mean, if I don’t accomplish anything else with my cooking blog, that will do me for a very long time. I made sure to send her a thank you message on Facebook. That probably made my whole year right there worth it.

So that’s it for today! I hope y’all are doing well out there. Christmas is close and I have a Christmas party Saturday that I’m excited about. What went well for you today? Leave me a comment or if you right a blog post, leave the link! 🙂